Pensana Rare Earths (PM8) - Breaking the Chinese REE Monopoly... with a Chinese Partner?

Following highly successful LSE listing Pensana featured on UK Sky News: Ian King Live

Paul Atherley commented on the huge impact of the US$16 trillion post-COVID stimulus programmes on the critical metals market.

"There's two massive sectors - EV's and Offshore wind turbines and they both need the magnet metals that Pensana is going to be mining".

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Facilitating a greener energy future

As industries, business and governments make preparations to switch to greener energy alternatives, the demand for rare earth metals is growing at a rapid pace. Recognised for their unique physical properties and benefits, NdPr materials are driving the change, fuelling EVs, wind turbines, transport, domestic appliances, and military equipment.

Operations Highlights

Targeting low operating costs leveraging off Longonjo’s unprecedented infrastructure connections.
Directly linked to $2bn Atlantic Lobito Port
4km from $1.8bn Benguela rail line
Access to power grid field by hydropower

Why invest in Pensana


Pensana Rare Earths is bringing into production one of the world’s largest and higher grade rare earth projects. Located adjacent to the $1.8 billion refurbished Benguela rail line, it offers unprecedented transport connections and a source of high-grade rare earth metals from mine to customer. Leveraging years of industry experience, coupled with our guarantee for reliability and sustainability of supply, we introduce an innovative NdPr solution to power magnets, wind turbines, hybrid motor vehicles and more.

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